2019/2010 DLI List of proposed Courses.

Degree Programme
Diploma Programme
Management Sciences
1. Accounting

2. Business Administration

3. Banking and Finance

4. Public Administration

5. Industrial Relation and Personnel Management
Social Sciences
1. Economics and Development Studies

2. Criminology and Security Studies

3. Psychology

4. Sociology

5. Mass Communication

6. Peace and Conflicts Studies

7. Political Science
 1. Security Studies and Risk Management (Professional)

2. Criminology and Security Studies

1. Theatre and Media Arts

2. English and Literary Studies

3. History and International studies

4. Linguistics and languages


1. Agriculture Education

2. Biology Education

3. Business Education

4. Chemistry Education

5. Educational Foundation

6. Educational Management

7. Library and Information Science Education

8. English Education

9. Mathematics Education

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